martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

The conditions for the new members

For families

* To acquire a minimum of 1000 Square meters to build the family home. In case they decide to change their minds and want out of the deal, they must sell their share back to the Group or to someone who has already gained acceptance by the Group in order to recover their investment.

* Must agree with the habitual rhythm of the Eco Village, as far as coexistence and work tasks are concerned.

* Must spend at least 6 months per year at the Eco Village. In case of a prolong absence the house must be available to be used by other members of the Eco Village.

For volunteers

* Can stay at the Community House.

* Must agree with the habitual rhythm of the Eco Village as far as Coexistence and work tasks are concerned.

* Can integrate themselves at different levels, helping out with the work tasks and eventually with cash investments. After a period of 6 months they can acquire full rights upon request, after proper approval from the Assembly.

See our volunteering programmes page for more detatails >>

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