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Madre Selva is a beautiful small valley hidden in one of the many ravines of the Amazonian region. It is located in the Province of “La Convencion”, Department of Cusco about an hour drive from the small city of Quillabamba better known as the “City of Eternal Spring”, and about a 4 hour drive from Machu Picchu.

One hundred Hectares of this beautiful place are available to us, where we are in the process of accomplishing a lifelong dream of implementing an Eco Village with food, self-sufficiency and true quality of life outside the macro and microeconomic systems, which are becoming more and more decadent and conflictive as time passes by.

Even though there are some 15.000 Eco Villages around the world, with new initiatives and projects, a global solution has not yet been found. Most likely the amount of individuals and families in the West willing to assume the challenge of starting a completely new style of life, and embarking on such a risky adventure, is very low. Many people in the world are becoming aware that the system has reached a dead end point, and that we face an uncertain future with a grim outlook. They feel incapable of doing anything about it, besides hanging onto material things at a very high price according to figures held in psychosomatic records. It is only when people acquire a certain amount of knowledge, and begin to comprehend a deep sense of existentiality that they are capable of making quantum leaps in their lives, and plan true internal revolutions projected towards the exterior. People willing to commit themselves to personal changes within themselves, could be at the forefront of a transformation at a global level.

From our vision’s perspective the only possibility that humanity has to survive in the present times in a fragile planet that has been overly mistreated by us, would be to set a behavior paradigm where the priorities would be to show respect for Mother Earth, for Nature and for our own selves as well. This miracle can only be possible if we are successful in achieving a state of simplicity in our life styles. In fact History reminds us that the most significant changes in the History of Humanity have taken place due to the daring attitudes of a few. The basic necessities that achieve an acceptable quality of life are, a dignified, spacious home, natural foods from the region, proper social and familiar relationships, and Education.
You must have friendly, physical surroundings which in our particular case is already a reality which we have achieved after years of trying. South America is, and always has been a place of refuge in times of crisis for many Europeans throughout the times, and that will continue to be the case due to its present conditions, its natural possibilities and the warm simple, attitude of its inhabitants.

Peru in particular is a Country with a low population density, a place that has eighty-four microclimates from the one hundred and fifteen that already exist, it has a beautiful Amazonian Basin, a high elevation jungle located in the East part of the Andes where water is plentiful, with the biggest biodiversity in the world where you can still find some species of plants, birds and insects that have not been yet classified, and a place that has a generous supply of fruits and foods. Cusco is located at an altitude of 4200 Meters above Sea Level and Machu Picchu (2500 M.A.S.L.), between the Mountain ranges and the Jungle. This situation offers these regions the best of both worlds and provides them with an extraordinary natural wealth. Madre Selva located at 2200 M.A.S.L., has a temperature typical of the subtropical Regions : from January to April is the summer season with abundant rains, and from May to December a pleasant warm climate during the day and cool during the night. The humid forest offers cultivating land that possesses extraordinary fertility, covered with 10 inches of thick natural compost, favorable to grow all kinds of fruit trees like avocado trees, apple trees, banana trees, granadilla trees, as well as wheat, lettuce, cabbage, corn, pod vegetables, etc.

The Project plans to house a maximum of 12 families, 20 volunteers and 10 temporary visitors. We give preference to families with children, because this offers more stability and perseverance as well.

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The conditions for the new members

For families

* To acquire a minimum of 1000 Square meters to build the family home. In case they decide to change their minds and want out of the deal, they must sell their share back to the Group or to someone who has already gained acceptance by the Group in order to recover their investment.

* Must agree with the habitual rhythm of the Eco Village, as far as coexistence and work tasks are concerned.

* Must spend at least 6 months per year at the Eco Village. In case of a prolong absence the house must be available to be used by other members of the Eco Village.

For volunteers

* Can stay at the Community House.

* Must agree with the habitual rhythm of the Eco Village as far as Coexistence and work tasks are concerned.

* Can integrate themselves at different levels, helping out with the work tasks and eventually with cash investments. After a period of 6 months they can acquire full rights upon request, after proper approval from the Assembly.

See our volunteering programmes page for more detatails >>

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Internal Operations

(This can be flexible):

* Get up before dawn.
* Sun worship and Agni Hotra (Fire ceremony) – 15 minutes.
* Group Meditation – 1 Hour.
* Breakfast together.
* Tasks assignments (kitchen, vegetable garden, animals, construction, administration and projects, etc). The assignments will be rotated every 2 or 3 months.
* Lunch together.
* Free time until dusk. Then Agni-Hotra, and optional meditation.

domingo, 26 de septiembre de 2010

Planned Infrastructures

*12 Family Homes to be built on 1000 square meters of land each.
* A common Home to house Volunteers and single people - already in place
* A Big Dome, with a Library, a Computer room, a meeting room, and an event room.
* A locksmith shop, a carpentry, a laundry room, a mill, etc.
* A storage place for jams, preserves, medicinal extracts, etc.
* A stable for cows, donkeys and small animals.
* Isolated bungalows to be used for spiritual retreats, and eventually for therapies.

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Auto sufficiency - Mid range goal

Income resources :
* Eco Tourism
* Courses and workshops
* Honey, preserves, agricultural surplus
* Ecological projects, health projects, others.
* Treatments and therapies.

viernes, 24 de septiembre de 2010

Internal Economy

Resources and Income will be distributed as follows:

30% will go to the Project’s Budget to be used for Eco Village projects, and eventually to expand, to replicate the concept and to create a network.

30% for family and personal distribution, according to need. (Distributive economy*).

30% to be reinvested in the specific activity which generated this particular income, or to be invested to promote new activities or events.

A 10% will be used in random expenses according to priority.

By common decision it will be determined what percentage goes to each individual or family, depending on the number of dependents and specific needs.

* Distributive economy: By common decision it will be determined what percentage goes to each individual or family, depending on the number of dependents and specific needs.

jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

Administration and `politics`

A private contract of association will be established between the owners, which will be guided by the specific norms established within the contract, and by additional ones established by the common consent of all parties involved.

At a legal level, each owner will have the official ownership documents for the 1000 Sq. Mts. of No one, not even any of the founding members will own more than 1000 Sq. Mts.
Those contributing with extra capital will have to donate it or recover it in order to avoid any inequalities, egos or the resulting conflicts caused by this.The whole property as well as the common structures in it will be available to be used rightfully by all members.

The leadership will be established by the natural flow of things according to merits and consensus, but the Administration will be constituted by a “Triumvirate” elected or approved by the Assembly of rightful members. This “Triumvirate”, will assume all important decisions.

To give the project a real chance to develop, the rules will stay the same for a period of 2 years, and the founding members will have the right to make decisions for a period of up to 5 years. The Assembly will meet at least every two months, and the Administration will stay in contact on a continuous basis.

Additionally, the guidelines will be redefined as the project progresses, and plans become a reality according to its dynamics.

lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Visiting Sircadia

We are open to visitors, who wish to stay at our paradise and learn of what we do, visit the community and the eco farm.

You are welcome to stay at our Madre Selva Lodge.

For details and prices please visit our Madre Selva Lodge website >>

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Quillabamba is a small city located about 175 kilometers from Cusco ( a 6 hour trip by bus), and 125 km away from Machu Picchu.

Quillabamba is the capital of the Province of “La Convencion”, and the main access to the project.

To get to our location you must take a vehicle for about 1 hour from Quillabamba, and then you must hike for a period of about 2 hours.

Please get in touch with us in order for a pickup in Quillabamba to be arranged.
Here are instructions how to arrive to Quillabamba >>


e-mail: sircadiaperu@gmail.com

The contact telephone numbers in Quillabamba for volunteers are:
95.777.5799 / 96.850.6616

Other phone numbers:

00 51 - (0)84 202200

Mobile phones:
00 51 - (0)84 984 796 013 (Gabi)
00 51 - (0)84 984 221 415 (Albert)

Madreselva (distrito de Sta Ana) - Quillabamba, provincia de La Convención en el Departamento de Cusco.

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